Water Global Technologies

Water Global Technologies is a leading company working in this field of water treatment in Istanbul, Turkey whose its activities extended beyond the Turkish market to other abroad markets.

Water Global Technologies has its professional team of administrators, consultants, engineers and technicians at the highest profession and scientific levels.

Water Global Technologies company had created many creative techniques to serve the customers and is also keen to provide Service support, rapid implementation and follow-up for maintenance and to meet the needs of the the Customers.

  1. Disinfecting and sterilizing tanks, furnaces and drinking water of Beni Suef Cement factory.
  2. Drinking water treatment of Beni Suef Cement factory.
  3. Maintenance of the cooling cycle (Kohler Machine tools and Schiller cooling) Egyptian Company German construction work.
  4. Drainage treatment plant for the manufacture of ceramic factory (Alshorouk).
  5. Purification plant factory International Medical Devices.
  6. Water purification plant manufacturer Farah Food Industries.
  7. Plant agape Pharma for the pharmaceutical industry.
  8. Purification plant in Fayoum Mustafa loved Association.
  9. Purification plant company by gamma for medical devices in Cairo.
  10. Purification plant Cairo Food Industries company.
  11. Derry Dreams company purification plant in Assiut.
  12. Purification plant by the valley company of foodstuffs Assiut.
  13. purification Plant of Horus company for grain and products In Assiut.
  14. Hope Center plant dialysis.
  15. Plant of Sheikh Musa town.
  16. Golden Chips plant.
  17. Plant of Cairo Food Industries company.
  18. Plant of Alfath factory for sweets.
  19. Plant of Mohamed Amin Ismail (pharmaceutical company).
  20. Plant of gamma Food Industries company.

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